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Driver Drowsiness

It is a computer vision system that can automatically detect driver drowsiness at a real-time video stream and then play the alarm if the driver appears to be drowsy. It is determined by how long a given person’s eyes have been closed for, If eyes is closed for a certain amount of time, we’ll assume that he is starting to doze off and play the alarm to wake him up and grab the driver's attention. It also detect if the driver is smoking cigarettes or usage of mobile-phone . This provide security to the passenger as well as the driver . Through this company gets benefits and good name for security services . The driver and company may get notify through message and mail also if the driver doesn’t stop after the alarm also . Through the computer eye we can detect this and make the best use of technology for our safety and life . This makes the work of companies easy as they can detect the action of the driver and can take proper action regarding this .

Object detection is performed by Computer Vision technology through this different object can be detected from the cloud analysis .Different object are detected and given a count in the frame .As an example (Self-Driven Car) -This helps the self driven cars to differentiate the objects on road so to avoid accidents and safety of people. Through the technology now this is also possible and it gives the best output and results . As the object is detected it tells you what is the object that is detected . It detects the object by it’s shape and appearance in-front of the camera . Object detected in above frame is car , number plate etc .It can detect humans ,tress , box etc every object can be detected through this without any failure .

Segmentation Model to Segment the Person's Area

Removal of the background from images using mask rcnn as a segmentation model to segment the person area and remove the area from the corresponding frame. By this the person may get the best of the picture he wants as the background which was unwanted is Removed .

Removal of background is done by the technology with AI . This helps to make the picture look more alluring and magnificent. As seen in the frame above the picture’s background is changed as both the picture are same just the difference in the background takes place .Removal of the background is there on the demand of the person so that the picture is appealing.

Reads the Angles of Body Movement of the Human

In this the application is developed for the gymholics. Our goal is to provide a solution who loves to gym and do hard work but couldn’t afford to pay a high amount of money to the personal trainer. So we have developed an application that reads the angles of the movement of the human body and analyze whether the person is exercising in right manner or not. The aim of this project is to replace the gym trainer with an intelligent application that can detect the correct and wrong pose/posture of the person in the real-time video feed. User can directly use the model which is deployed in a mobile application. We have created the datasets which are created by world-class gym trainers . This application helps you to improvise your pose and bring in correct posture to your body and keep you fit and healthy.

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