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Our Services

Our Services

We want to provide smart solutions to clients in order to enhance their business through A.I. technology. We are offering some services like...

Cloud Based AI

The first air of cloud AI is attributed to platforms. Cloud owners are gearing up to offer a comprehensive stack that delivers computer vision in AI as a Service. Cloud-based software and platforms help companies benefit from computer vision, even if they lack the expertise to build.

The era of edge computing

Keeping real time deployment IOT in mind, We have already developed models on most of the edge computing boards like Nvidia Jetson, Intel Compute Stick, Google Coral Dev Boards and even running deep learning models directly on EDGE DEVICES LIKE Raspberry pi, Jetson, Hisilicon.

Running Locally

We are providing an end-to-end walkthrough of training and prediction on AI Platform. Wide and deep models use deep neural nets (DNNs) to learn high-level abstractions about complex features or interactions between such features.
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Smart Mobile Apps

Smart Mobile Apps self learning Assistants, AI powered features and functions keeping simplicity as key design principal while building server less real time implementation of high Deep Learning models in mobile phone itself.

Technology Stacks

Devices we have worked on..

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