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About us

Our Journey

  • TDB Technologies have been founded by Mr. Deepanshu Bhinda whose mission is to provide AI Smart solutions to the Indian markets with the help of Deep Learning in computer vision. Our logo represents our work, which shows a human eye with the camera present at the center which shows similar to human eye real vision.
  • Starting from a small room and now we are established as a company. TDB Technologies have acquired a good reputation in markets within 9 months and successfully completed various projects on computer vision with deep learning by having client bases overseas.
  • A couple of years ago, A.I was nothing but imagination, which machines acquire human efforts?

Yes, it is now possible

  • We have started participating in coding competitions organized in various domains and completed those tasks until we get an idea of how we can improve one’s business in various domains using A.I with Computer vision. Then we focused on building relations with clients, who wants A.I to be incorporated in their products and we have achieved success in building products for them.
  • Along with the focus on projects and clients, we have parallelly focused on building a team through guiding them the need to cutting edge technologies using Artificial Intelligence and successfully build a team of 10+ Computer vision engineers.

Our Mission

  • TDB’s mission is to provide smart solutions to clients in order to enhance their business through A.I. technology and deliver the best solution with greatest extent in every sector.
  • We want to Advance the businesses with computer’s Intelligence and Transform the businesses with it.

Our Vision

  • Industries which implement AI applications are going to become more diverse, as they will be powered with the ability to analyse data across multiple functionalities, fraud detection and high-class customer relationship management. Advance the businesses with computer’s Intelligence and make the current market to be incorporated with AI and traversing it to the smart business.

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