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Use AI to supercharge your organization

Now you can have both: More time to get things done and happier, more productive AI to Supercharge Your Organization.

Cloud Based AI

    The next wave that would drive the growth of public cloud is artificial intelligence.

Edge Computing

    An edge computing system gathers data and processes by using the processing model.

Running locally

    Providing an end-to-end walkthrough of training and prediction on AI Platform

Smart Mobile Applications

    App Actions uses machine learning to suggest apps to users based on their habits.

We are Specialists in the practical application of Computer vision

We resolve real-world problems by detecting people and objects at the shopping mall, counting & classifying vehicles on the roads, measuring dimensions of a finished product at a factory. Devising right algorithms and software to address your problems is our core focus area.

At TDB, we believe in providing accurate information through the computer vision the camera sensors and our data processing algorithms equipped with AI and Machine learning to strengthen your business changing decisions.

AI Project at a glance

As AI is taking over human, all boring, mundane and repetitive tasks are now done by machines. When machines are trained in a good way they cannot only reduce the workload from human but human intelligence in them can be used in a much better way for more complex tasks.

Industries and businesses are bringing in AI not only to make human workforce less and working on processes where human intelligence are required to save huge costs.

  • Define your AI Project Objective
  • Decide how execute your AI project
  • Explore to use data more efficiently
  • Time is not that crucial or more crucial
  • Strong data science skills rquired in AI
  • Start your AI project and make it work

How It Works

We at TDBs intend to bridge the gap between your dreams and reality. We want you to visualize what you imagine.


Understanding the problem and gather requirements


Approach to solve the problem with A.I


Developing the desired A.I. system


Deployment on different devices

You are one step closer to start your AI project

This will help them to obtain a competitive advantage.

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